Puja Timing And Bhoga

Dakor Temple normally opens at about 6 A.M. in the morning and closes at 12 Noon between which there are five darshans namely, Mangalabhog, Balbhog, Srinagarbhog, Gwalbhog and Rajbhog during which Aartis are performed.

In the afternoon, it reopens at about 4.00 P.M. and closes at 7.00 P.M. In between there are three darshans namely, Usthapanbhog, Shyanbhog and Shakhdibhog. At Utthapana Bhoga and Shayana bhoga Aaratis are performed.

The Darshana timings on Full -Moon days are different and are declared by the temple authorities beforehand. Bhogas worth approximately rupees seven thousand per day are offered to the deity and are taken over by the sevakas (priests) who supply the prasad to the pilgrims and devotees.

For the conveniece of the vaishnavas desirous to offer additional bhogs to the deity except the scheduled ones, there is a provision in the Dakor Temple Scheme and accordingly Mahabhog, Rajbhog and additional bhogs are offered to the deity.

For all such extra Bhogs the devotees can receive prasad except Rajbhog, through Dakor Sansthan Trust which is the oldest Bhog of the time when the Deity Shree Ranchhodraiji was installed in this temple i.e. when the Pran Pratishtha was performed.