Festivals Celebrated in Temple

About 35 temple festivals are celebrated every year. Amongst these the main festivals at Dakor are held on the Kartik, Falgun, Chaitra and Ashwin Purnimas (full-moon days) and on each of these festivals over one lakh of people visit the Shrine. On the New Year day i.e.first day of the bright half of the month of Kartik, Annakoot is celebrated, when the largest assortment of sweets and food perparation are offered to Shri Ranchhodraiji.

Other Vaishnava festivals are Holi, Amalaka Ekadashi, Janmashtami, Nand Mahotsav, Rathyatra and Dashera are celebrated here. During these festivals the idol of Gopalaji is taken in procession on an elephant and devotees play music of high order with rhymes and rhythm .

All India Radio and other medias give coverage to Janamashtmi (Krishna janma). The festivals of Hindola and Palna are also celebrated.

Every year lakhs of people from all over India and Gujarat visit Dakor and especially on every full-moon day (Purnima). The virtues or Punya gained by Visiting Ranchhodraiji temple at Dakor and having a glimpse of Lord Ranchhodrai is considered to be as equal as visiting Char Dhams.