Gaushala Donation

GAUSHALA DONATION: The cow is considered as a sacred animal in Hindu religion. Keeping this concept in mind, the Ranchhodraiji Temple maintains a Gaushala.

The donation money is utilized for the maintenance of the Gaushala and the sacred cows.

The devotee desirous to donate for this noble cause can do so by cheque. Please make the cheque payable to" Ranchhodraiji Dakor Gaushala Trust".

Kindly note that the minimum acceptable money for the donation is Rs.100/-.

Information for the devotees:

1. The devotees are entitled to the above-mentioned Prasad against the donations.

2. The Temple authorities will issue a receipt against the donations and send the same by post/courier.

3. The holder of the receipt can visit the temple (whenever possible), and collect prasad and other offerings (if any) on production of the receipt.